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Best ways to get rid of smile lines!

Best ways to get rid of smile lines!

We all want a life with lots of smiles and laughter but do not want to reveal the number of candles blew on last birthday. In the world of selfies and pout, we afraid to smile because deeper the smile line, people will start judging the age. We all have smile lines, some get them sooner and deeper while others may not. Cosmetic surgery is a big No if you want to age gracefully. So, our experts bring the most effective ways to get rid of smile lines. Some remedies can be found in the pantry of your kitchen as well as a quick fix in the form of products for girls with lazy couch.

Let’s have a look!!!

What are Smile Lines


What are Smile Lines

Smile lines are one kind of wrinkles that are formed around the mouth. These are also known as laugh lines. These are present in everyone and mostly noticeable upon smiling. But some people get them visible even they are not smiling or the lines become more prominent while smiling. Smile lines are in direct relationship with age. As you age, if you don't take care of them, these lines get deeper.

Causes of smile lines

Causes of Smile Lines

Smile lines may occur as a result of:

  • Aging
  • Loss of Collagen or elasticity
  • Skin dehydration
  • Too much use of smile muscles
  • Genetics
  • Sun damage

sunscreen protection

Precautions to prevent Smile Lines

  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and use sunscreen
  • Consume antioxidant enrich foods
  • Try to quit smoking
  • Use organic products for skin
  • Avoid alcohol
Oil for face skin


Home remedies to get rid of Smile Lines

Home remedies are a great way to get rid of smile lines around your mouth. These remedies are tried and  tested by our experts. However, you must do a patch test to check the sensitivity of the ingredient to your skin also make sure that you are not allergic to any ingredient before applying. Home remedies take some time to show its results. You need to be consistent for at least 6 weeks.



If you want to have a good laugh, you need to loosen up the smile muscles. A small amount of grease can do the job. Usage of any oil like almond, olive, grape seed, or coconut helps in skin moisturization giving it younger look. Just dab a few drops of oil around your mouth and massage it upward and outward. Leave it overnight. You will start noticing the results, not only for smile lines, but for your under eye wrinkles and frown lines as well. 

Nighttime Moisturizers


Nighttime Moisturizers

If you are not fond of oils, or your skin is allergic to oils or you have super oily skin, you can use creams to whisk away those smile lines. Nighttime creams can do wonders in erasing the smile lines. However, these creams are a bit heavier than daily moisturizers and need the full night to get absorbed to let their magic. We recommend creams with antioxidant properties such as vitamin E, nut oils, and collagen.


Fruit Juices


Fruit Juices

Fruits are great for your health both internal and external. But, do you know, it can do wonders by applying directly on the skin. Fruit juices have exfoliating properties which help to lighten these smile lines. You can take one teaspoon of juice from your breakfast serving and dab on smile lines. The best fruits are lemon, carrot, and pineapple. The acids in these fruits help to tighten the loose skin and they have antioxidants that fight with free radicals.



You can add some spice to your aging cuisine. Turmeric does wonders for younger-looking vibrant skin due to its anti-aging property. Take 3 tbsp of honey or coconut oil and mix it with 1 tsp of turmeric, make a uniform paste. Apply to your face and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water and follow with your routine moisturizer. It is great to reduce smile lines around the mouth.





 Papaya is enriched with antioxidants, It helps to get rid of smile lines as well as other wine lines around the mouth. Apart from eating papaya, you can incorporate it into your beauty regimen. Make a puree of papaya and freeze it in ice cube mold. Take out one cube daily and massage on the smile lines. Leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse with water. Let your face dry and apply moisturizer.


Green tea


Green Tea

 Who doesn’t want to be slim and smart? We all use green tea to shred those love handles turning into muffin tops. But, let us tell you that this green tea has anti-aging properties too which is great to get rid of smile lines. it has antioxidants that help in skin tightening. All you need to do is to brew some green tea and freeze it in an ice cube mold. Use one cube per day preferably at night. Just massage on the lines and leave it there for 15 minutes. Follow with rinsing and moisturization.


Stay hydrated



 You always heard your grandma advising you to take lots of water. Don’t ignore her because her laugh lines may be lesser than yours. Hydration is the best thing you can do for your skin. Hydration makes your skin looking younger and plumped. So, along with all moisturization, masks, and other products, keep you hydrated to delay the onset of smile lines.


Egg white


 Egg Whites

 You have been asked in your childhood, which came first, egg or hen? As you grow, the mirror can be asked what comes first, your smile or smile lines. In all respect, egg white is the secret to get rid of smile lines. Egg whites can be directly applied to the skin using a finger or silicone spatula. Let it air dry. You will feel stretching in your skin. Rinse with water and follow with moisturizer. You will notice the fading of smile lines gradually. In fact, egg whites have been proven to be effective for overall skin tightening

Aloe vera


 Aloe Vera

 Aloe vera gets a special place when it comes to beauty regimens. It has been using since ancient times as a beauty ingredient. It contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E which helps to make skin firm and keep it hydrated. As a result, it helps in the reduction of smile lines. Take a leaf of aloe vera and squeeze out the gel from it. Massage this gel onto smile lines outwards and upwards. Leave it for 15 minutes and rinse with water. We also highly recommend Aloe vera to hydrate your lips.

banana mask


Banana mask

 Bananas are great to boost the health of the skin because it contains vitamins and natural oils that help to diminish smile lines. All you have to do is to mesh half a banana (you can eat the other half) and make a smooth paste that will help your skin remain healthy and firm. Apply it all over face especially fine and smile lines. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse with water. Tadaaa!!!


Lemon Juice


 Lemon Juice

Lemons are known as vitamin C bombs. They help to get rid of smile lines due to their skin tightening quality. They also prevent free radicals. Just apply lemon juice by dabbing on the lines around your mouth. Some people may experience some redness after washing it. But that is temporary and goes away within a few minutes.

Facial Exercises

 Your face has muscles just like your body. They need to be toned to be in place for a long time. Facial exercise helps in strengthening the muscles thus preventing its sagging that would result in smile lines, wrinkles, and even jowls. To practice this, place your finger on smile lines firmly and try to smile with lips apart. Keep in this position for 15 seconds, relax, and repeat. Do daily for 3 sets and notice visible results within a month.

Surgical Procedures


Surgical Procedures

Apart from home remedies, there are many surgical procedures available at the dermatologist clinic to get rid of smile lines. The dermatologist examines you and recommends the procedure based on the need. These procedures gave instant results but are expensive. You also need to have maintenance follow up for the rest of your life with these procedures. These procedures are:

Botox, Fillers, Fat transfer, Collagen injection, laser resurfacing, and microdermabrasion

Instant Long Lasting Result without Surgery

But wait!!! Do you want the quick result but also afraid to jump to surgical procedures. We have something for you that not only gave you an instant long-lasting result but also not heavy on pocket. These miracle products are

The best place to splurge in the skincare routine is a top-notch serum that gives instant long-lasting effects at premises of your home. Serums are advanced formulations and are thinner then moisturizers. They absorb more quickly into a deeper layer of skin. What could be better than having a supply of beauty products for a month within your pocket range? If you want to see instant results, give these products a test. Let’s have look at these products.


B-Selfie Deep


B-Selfie Deep Microneedles Anti-Age Serum

 This super-thin serum is a miracle in the world of beauty. It is infused with vitamins such as A, C, and E that helps in skin brightening and tightening. It also has hyaluronic acid, peptides, and squalene that helps in skin plumping and increases collagen for younger-looking vibrant skin. It is unique because of its two way of application.

You can apply it topically with a finger or with 0.5 mm needles that come with it. After the 1st application, you will see the results that will last for several weeks. We recommend you to have it with our subscription to save some extra bucks. Click here to buy it.  That’s not at all!!! Here we have one more miracle product that is a new love.


Ageless Smile Line Care


Smile Line Care Patches

 The smile line care patches are innovations in the beauty industry and are taking place to go under the needle at the dermatology clinic. Our grandmothers used to tape up those wrinkles to diminish them temporary as well as to hold them for several times in a day to reduce them permanently. Old is gold. Now, this simple technique has come with innovation. Smile line Care patches take 2 hours and the result lasts for a week. Voila!!! And what would be the best thing then buying a product with a subscription to save some bucks to buy your favorite top? Click here to shop.


 Who wants to call an aunt? No one!!! Younger looking skin is what we desired the most. These smile lines are not less than a nightmare for women aging 30 plus. The truth is you cannot stop to increase the number of candles but you can delay the aging by applying home remedies as well as our products. These products are the best innovation in the beauty industry. These products ensure the fastest delivery of active ingredients deep into the skin to give fast and long-lasting effects.

 Yes!!! You can still slay after your 30’s.