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Effective Ways to Get a Facelift Without Going Under the Knife

Effective Ways to Get a Facelift Without Going Under the Knife

It’s no secret that everybody wants to retain their youth when they reach a certain age. One day you wake up, look in the mirror, and stare ahead in horror as you see your wrinkles have doubled. Your cheeks are saggy, and the lines seem deeper in your mouth and eye area. You try to put on makeup or tie your hair into a tight pony to get a modelesque look, but something still doesn’t feel right, and wish you could make a facelift without surgery. 

Fortunately, we now have more ways to improve our appearance without any surgery. There are at-home treatments that don’t involve sticking to one hairstyle for the rest of your life. Whether you wish to have plumper skin or a smoother forehead, there is an option for you.

Addressing the Causes of Aging
It’s never too early or too late to slow down aging.

Addressing the Causes of Aging

As we age, things like collagen breakdown, sun damage, and glycation start to take a toll on our skin. While some are naturally occurring, others can be controlled depending on our lifestyle. For example, glycation is when excess bodily glucose molecules link to the skin’s collagen and elastin fibers. This link creates chemical bridges between proteins and can become rigid over time, leading to damages like skin laxity, cracking, and thinning skin.

The Rise of Advanced Skincare

What we love about the beauty industry is its eagerness to churn out more innovative products that target specific needs. Almost every skincare guru can recommend a product to solve any skincare woe. Fine lines? Try a collagen-infused serum. Dark circles? Hyaluronic acid eye patches. All these solutions are essential to getting an all-natural facelift.

Additionally, people prefer chemical exfoliants now because they are gentler and free of ingredients that could potentially damage the skin even more. There are also anti-aging tools that encourage cell regeneration and boost skin elasticity.

Natural Facelifts

According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the total number of non-surgical procedures has increased by 7.6%, which is much higher than 2018’s 5.6%.

Natural Facelifts: Do They Work?

If you’re familiar with a few non-invasive procedures, then chances are you’ve already considered getting one. And we can’t blame you! Most of these procedures are cheaper, more practical, and more accessible. From lip fillers to Botox, there’s a treatment for anything you want to enhance. Read on to learn more about age-defying facelift alternatives for younger-looking skin.

1. Injectables

Also known as dermal fillers, injections have become more widely popular because of their accessibility. They help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as plump the skin for a more youthful glow. Most of these injectable fillers are packed with hyaluronic acid, which is naturally produced in the body and can be found in your skin or cartilage. Dermal fillers can last between 6 to 12 months.

2. LED Treatments

Have you seen one of those LED masks that look like futuristic helmets? Those masks are part of LED therapy, which is a pain-free procedure that uses a variety of colored lights to target different areas on your face. It treats fine lines and wrinkles, as well as acne scars and hyperpigmentation. It requires multiple sessions before you see significant results.

3. Cryolift

Cryolift is relatively new in the world of nonsurgical procedures. It is done by shooting a powerful CO2 flow onto the facial tissues at a low temperature and high pressure, giving a mild shock. It treats dehydrated skin and reduces deep wrinkles, giving a softer and smoother glow immediately after one session. Cryolift is suitable for all skin types and requires zero downtime.

4. Facelift Patches

You’ve heard of injectable fillers, but have you encountered filler patches? Innovative Beauty presents a revolutionary product that guarantees a powerful wrinkle-removing effect in just two hours. Meet the B-SELFIE Try Them All Bundle. It’s an anti-aging must-have that you need to add to your skincare arsenal, ASAP.

You can use the patches on your lips, under-eye wrinkles, smile lines, or ‘lipstick lines. They contain crystallized micro-needles of hyaluronic acid and epidermal growth factor (EGF) molecules that penetrate and dissolve into the surface of the skin. This bundle is definitely a safer, pain-free, and more affordable option for moderate to severe wrinkles and for overall skin tightening.

Lasers for Natural Facelift


5. Lasers

Laser treatments can do wonders for skin resurfacing. It works by removing the skin layer by layer, with precision, tightening the skin and shrinks broken capillaries. Lasers are best for eliminating deep acne scars and wrinkles. A full-face treatment takes about two hours, and it takes another five to seven days for your skin to heal.

6. Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a versatile facelift procedure that you can do at home or at a professional’s. It’s a microneedling technique that injects vitamins, enzymes, plant extracts, and more to tighten and rejuvenate the skin. Innovative Beauty’s newest product, the B-SELFIE DEEP MICRONEEDLES ANTI-AGE SERUM, is the perfect at-home mesotherapy as it’s easy to use.


Our product comes with two pre-filled syringes with 0.5mm microneedles that allow you to inject the anti-aging ingredients directly onto your face painlessly. Don’t be intimidated by the needles, though, because there are two ways you can apply our serum (intra-epidermal and topical application).

7. Botox

Botox is an injectable drug that uses various forms of botulinum toxin (the protein from which Botox is aptly named) to ‘freeze’ or ‘paralyze’ muscle activity, thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It’s perhaps the most popular nonsurgical procedure in the beauty and celebrity world, and rightfully so because it gives long-term results.

8. Microcurrent Toning

Microcurrent facials work to sculpt and enhance your features without any pain. It uses a low-grade electrical current that’s delivered onto the face muscles. It encourages collagen production in the dermis, which is the deepest layer of the skin, while “gently erasing signs of aging in the epidermis.” You can see the results almost immediately, but if you want a more long-term effect, we recommend you to get multiple sessions.

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Invest in Luxury Skincare Products

Believe it or not, there are high-end beauty products that yield great results. If you can’t commit to noninvasive treatments yet, skincare is the next best thing. Try Innovative Beauty’s Miracle Luxury Face Cream, for starters. It has an anti-aging formulation that effectively acts on the causes of wrinkles and enhances the production of collagen, giving your skin a regenerated and radiant feel.

It contains ultra-filler microcells and hyaluronic acid phytosomes, which promise a tensing and densifying action. Our face cream also has vegetable sugars that strengthen your skin’s barrier, protecting it from several environmental aggressors like smoke, dust, bacteria, and more.

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Time to Upgrade Your Repertoire

If you’re set on committing to more natural facelift methods, we still have a few tips up our sleeve. So far, we’ve talked about luxury face creams and anti-aging patches, but we still have more ground to cover. Innovative Beauty is paving the way for noninvasive facelift products that work.

One more product that we’d love to highlight is our Three | Sensational Treatment. It’s a unique face mask formulated to rebuild dead skin cells and give you healthier skin. It contains hyaluronic acid for hydration, EGF for cellular regeneration, skin healing, and anti-wrinkle effects. Our mask also features Hexapeptide-8 and Tripeptide-1 for collagen regeneration.

Vitamin E regeneration is essential for anti-aging procedures, which is why we incorporated ubiquinone in our product as well. Ubiquinone is a powerful antioxidant that prevents chronological aging and photoaging.

We recommend using the mask two to three times per week for optimal results.

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Change Small Habits

Aging is natural, but to do it gracefully is a feat not a lot of people can do. If you want to retain your youth, you’ll need to make some lifestyle changes too.

  • Drink your water. We don’t want to sound like a broken record but this is a golden rule at any age. Your body knows it’s dehydrated because your skin starts to feel dull. Water flushes out toxins from the body and helps lubricate joints, so aim to drink at least two liters of water a day.
  • Say goodbye to processed and sugary foods. Sadly, sugar makes you age faster as you get older. If you want to keep your youth, start adopting a more wholesome and nutritious diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and protein. Avoid processed sugar as much as you can.
  • Practice breathing exercises. Breathing is perhaps the easiest way to decrease stress levels. If you don’t already know, stress makes you look older than you actually are, and we don’t want that! Keep your cortisol levels at bay by doing breathing exercises or taking short walks.
  • Strive to be more active. Speaking of short walks, adding more physical activities to your daily routine can help slow down the aging process. More than having healthy and young-looking skin, you can also improve your mental health and reduce your risk for chronic conditions.
  • Get enough sleep. If you have to force it, then so be it. Getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep is crucial because it sets your energy for the next day. Also, sleeping is when your cells are hard at work, repairing damages so that you can wake up feeling beautiful and more refreshed. Make sure to establish a nightly routine for you and your skin to avoid under eye wrinkles. 
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Let's wrap up 

The thing about aging is it’s never too early to prevent it. You can be in your early 20s and have a complete skincare routine that’s specifically for anti-aging. The earlier you start to take care of your skin, the less worried you will be when you get older.

By elevating your skincare products and improving your lifestyle habits, slowing down aging will be a piece of cake. Innovative Beauty is about taking your youthful skin one step further through innovative products that work. We also want to prove that luxury shouldn’t be expensive. We made our face creams, masks, and patches to address your anti-aging needs, all while making sure you won’t break the bank.

Whether you want to reduce fine lines, smooth out your skin, or build a better skincare routine, our products are here to help.