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How To Get Rid of The Lines Around the Mouth?

How To Get Rid of The Lines Around the Mouth?

It’s a real problem, and thank God, you’re not alone

As we age, there are a number of beauty concerns that we discover year after year. Wrinkles around the mouth, often being referred to as ‘smoker’s lines’ are part of aging however, we do not have to live with it earlier than we want to. Aside from actually not smoking, there’s a number of ways to prevent getting these nasty lines. 

Before we tackle the natural solutions we can do to avert - or if you are already suffering from smoker’s lines, minimize - the appearance of these wrinkles around the mouth, it will be helpful to know what prompts this problem. By knowing what’s the root of the issue, we will be able to better understand how to get around with it. 

Let’s dive in. 

Why do I have wrinkles around the mouth?


Why do I have wrinkles around the mouth? 

Our face consists of muscles that we use when we speak, laugh, and perform facial expressions. Through time, with the constant use of the same group of muscles, our skin develops lines in the facial muscle areas we use the most. 

An example is laughing - there are laugh lines that appear around the mouth area, and crow’s feet, which take shape in the sides of the eyes. When we laugh, we use the mouth - and those individuals who laugh with their expressive eyes, use the muscles around their eyes as well - to express our happiness. Over time, with constant movement in the same facial zones, we develop lines, and that is completely normal. With age, our facial skin loses elasticity hence, the more our skin becomes susceptible to wrinkles due to these repetitive facial actions. We also develop smile lines for the same reasons. 

smokers' lines

Same is true with smoker’s lines. Even though some individuals don’t smoke, they can still get these vertical lines with consistent facial movements using the mouth muscles, such as constant pouting, drinking from straws, or even when speaking. As these folds are mainly caused by unavoidable muscle movement, the lines form around the mouth area, making the smoker’s lines surface and come to light. These recurring movements can lead to permanent lines, and over time, could lead to being permanently carved onto the skin. 

The way a person eats can be a culprit too. If you chew in a distinct way where the folds of your upper lip become prominent, you could get these vertical lines above the lip even without puffing a single cigarette your whole life. 

the exposure to the sun

Another reason is the exposure to the sun without sun protection. Dermatologists can’t stress the importance of wearing SPF enough whether or not you’re going out. It’s integral to have sunscreen as part of one’s skincare regimen. Aside from saving yourself from the dangers of skin cancer, it also saves you from untimely aging. Sunlight is known to cause hyperpigmentation and premature wrinkles. 

Smoking, obviously, is a cause of smoker’s lines. Constant puckering from sucking the cigarette is an evident cause of the aforementioned wrinkles around the lip area. 

what to do to get rid of wrinkles around the mouth

So what to do to get rid of them? 

Now that we know the possible causes of lines around the mouth, we can put the focus on what to do to prevent or reduce its appearance. 

Adapt a skincare routine that focuses on repair and hydration

Adapt a skincare routine that focuses on repair and hydration

If you haven’t gotten smoker’s lines yet, consider yourself lucky, and get into a skincare regimen using products that specifically targets the production of collagen pronto. Collagen is the molecule that’s key to providing structural support to the skin. Without it, it would be hard for our skin to recover from external factors that cause the loss of skin’s elasticity. There are so many available creams and serums in the market with a specific job of helping our body produce collagen. Once you’ve found the right product for you, make it a consistent part of your daily life. Focus on applying the product around the lip area. Remember, consistency is key to success, as it will help soften and plump your lips as well

Don’t nix the sunscreen

Don’t nix the sunscreen

Apply sun care products with a minimum sun protection factor of 30. When you’re going to the beach or if you know you’re about to be exposed to extreme weather, say going skiing on top of the mountain on a sunny winter day, it’s always good to apply SPF 50. Never ever skip this part even when you’re not going out since our screens are giving off blue light that isn’t good for the skin either. 

Time to invest on some serious night cream

Time to invest on some serious night cream

Expensive creams from luxury beauty and skincare brands have a thing or two in common - most of the time, they’re based on a molecular approach to skincare. It doesn’t sound sexy, but the scientific technique is what works. Afterall, our skin is made up of molecular properties such as collagen, hyaluronic acid (yes, our bodies produce this expensive acid often seen on beauty products with hefty price tags), hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and many others. If you happen to see that you’re starting to have lines around the upper lip area, it’s time to invest in that night cream that will repair your skin while you’re sleeping, as it will also help you tighten your overall facial skin

Use coconut oil to naturally fade those lines


Use coconut oil to naturally fade those lines

Coconut isn’t limited for baking and cooking use as it has notable hydrating properties to naturally moisturize our skin. You’ll notice that a number of skincare and bath products are infused with coconut oil, and this is because there are scientific studies that support its use for treatment of skincare issues such as dermatitis and wrinkles. To use coconut oil as a wrinkle treatment, apply it as you would your trusted serum. Once your face has been cleansed, apply a small amount of coconut oil on your face, pressing it lightly on the upper lip area. Wait for about 10 minutes for your skin to fully absorb it before layering on other skincare products. 

Try facial exercises

Try facial exercises

Our face consists of muscles that, just like the rest of our body, become saggy over time or toned, depending on how we take time to work out. Yoga practitioners have seen the wonders yoga can do to tone one’s body, without lifting a single dumbbell nor running a single kilometer. With this, more and more individuals are adapting facial exercises, face yoga being a popular choice, to combat the signs of aging such as smoker’s lines. It’s a series of facial movements that work to invigorate facial muscles, strengthen them, and encourage better circulation of oxygen and blood. With continued practice, it will help tone the overall appearance of the face, and fade lines and wrinkles.

More natural, at-home treatments to minimize wrinkles around the mouth

The above solutions have to be practiced religiously to see changes on your mouth area. There are, of course, alternatives such as dermal fillers however, these are painful, expensive, and will only render results for about 6 months tops. 

For those of you who want quick, affordable fixes that deliver instantaneous effects without the use of invasive tools, there are modern and less aggressive at-home solutions that will render you great results in no time. 

B-Selfie Smooth

Getting rid or at least minimizing the appearance of vertical lines on the top of your upper lip can be done at home with innovative beauty solutions that are convenient to use and easy to reach. One solution that has gained a following in the market is B-SELFIE Smoker Line Remover. These are patches that you put on top of your upper lip area and leave on for 2 short hours. Each patch has patented micro needles that’s powered with pure hyaluronic acid and growth factor microagons (EGF), which transport hydration to the skin to help in the growth of skin moisture and to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines. Its users have reported that they’ve seen impressive results after only 2 hours of painlessly leaving the patches on their upper lip area. It’s advisable to use 1 patch once every week to enjoy a permanent effect.

You can purchase this innovative product one-time or subscribe, save 10% off the retail price, and have it delivered to your home every 30 days on your preferred schedule. So get rid of those lines by ordering yours now!

B-Selfie lips ultra-filler effect serum

Another hot item on the market is B-SELFIE LIPS Ultra Filler Effect Serum. The pretty red tube is the best complementary product to the Smoker Line Remover patches as it removes the wrinkles on the lips, making them look more luscious, youthful, and plumper. Who would want wrinkled lips after treating their smoker’s lines? No one. This clever product amplifies the beautiful effects of the aforementioned patches by filling in the lines of the lips, making it fuller. Line-free mouth area and full lips always look stunning together. Order yours today and see the results for yourself!

To sum it all up

Smoker’s lines are caused by natural phenomena such as aging, normal muscle movements like laughing, chewing, and speaking, and constant exposure to the sun sans SPF. Albeit everyone will suffer from these sooner or later in their lives, it’s not a reason to just let them grow and do nothing about it. 

There are long-term solutions that require consistency such as a stronger skincare regimen or integrating facial exercises in your workout regime. Thanks to contemporary ingenious solutions, there are at-home remedies that are painless, more affordable, and deliver instant beautiful results. They say you can’t have cake and eat it too. Well in this case, guess what, you can.

Please note that the models, faces, and individuals in the images included in this article do not advertise or endorse any product, service, or advice implied in this article.