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Perfect Your Winter Skincare Routine With These Tips From Dermatologists

Perfect Your Winter Skincare Routine With These Tips From Dermatologists

Winter is just as harsh on the skin as summer. Temperature changes and humidity can negatively affect your skin’s health, with dryness taking the number one spot. Additionally, cold winds can further strip your skin of its natural moisture, resulting in cracked and itchy skin.

Winter-related skin problems are actually more common than you think. According to a survey conducted by a renowned skincare brand, 83% of Americans experience a drastic change in their skin during winter compared to the rest of the year.

Be Mindful of How You Treat Your Skin

No skin type is safe from winter weather, whether you have oily, normal, acne-prone, combination, or sensitive skin. Even if you are aware of how the weather affects your skin, you can still make mistakes that can potentially make it worse.

Without a foolproof winter skincare routine, your skin could suffer throughout the season. Lucky for you, we turned to the experts for some tried-and-true winter skincare tips and picked the best ones.

Be Mindful of How You Treat Your Skin

Tip #1: Dial Down Your Heater

People indeed take more hot showers during winter. However, using hot water too often and showering too long can worsen already-dry skin. Dermatologists recommend taking a lukewarm shower instead to avoid irritating the skin. Follow up with a good lotion to lock in the skin’s moisture.

Tip #2: Switch Up Your Cleanser

Dermatologists recommend exchanging your soapy, foamy, or antibacterial cleanser for a cream version that is gentle on the skin. Using a facial wash that’s specially formulated for colder months can be ultra-hydrating, giving you a suppler and more moisturized skin.

You might want to start using eye cream, too, as the skin around the eyes is the thinnest and is thus more prone to fine lines. Having dry skin can make wrinkles around the eyes more visible, so using a well-formulated eye cream can bring back that extra layer of hydration. We suggest looking for a product that contains hyaluronic acid.

Tip #3: Opt for a Richer Moisturizer

Your summer moisturizer might not work as well during the colder months. According to dermatologists, make sure you’re using “a cream and not a lotion.” Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerin, two powerful humectants that draw moisture into the skin, as they make moisturizers more effective but not necessarily heavier.

Opt for a Richer Moisturizer

Tip #4: Invest in a Humidifier

Heaters are notorious for drying out the skin, especially if you keep them running for long periods of time. Consider getting a good-quality humidifier that you can install near your desk or bed and allow it to replace some of the moisture that your heater is taking from your room.

Tip #5: Bundle Up

What you wear is just as important as what you put on your skin. Whether you’re heading outside or staying in, wearing winter gear like hats, scarves, or coats protects your skin from harsh winds. 

Also, avoid any clothing that is made from fabrics that can irritate the skin. If you’re starting to feel itchy under your wool sweater, try wearing a soft cotton shirt underneath. You can also opt for a different fabric altogether, such as cashmere and fleece, to keep you warm.

Tip #6: Stay Hydrated

Besides using the right cleanser and moisturizer, getting hydration back into your skin also involves drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. Water has several health benefits, and improving your skin’s health is one of them. If you’re not a fan of water, try adding mint leaves or a slice of lemon to give it some taste. You can also partner it with warm tea as it can hydrate and comfort you during the cold winter months.

Don’t Forget Your Lips (and Hands)

Tip #7: Don’t Forget Your Lips (and Hands)

Chapped lips are anything but pretty. They’re unhealthy and a clear sign of dehydration. Experts suggest applying a generous coat of lip balm (preferably with sunscreen) several times throughout the day when your lips feel dry. Look for ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E, which are often used to treat damaged skin and relieve dryness.

Another overlooked body part that gets incredibly dry during the winter season is your hands. There are several hand creams on the market that have richer formulas and offer additional hydration compared to regular lotions. Looking for good ingredients like vitamin E and ceramides is a plus.

Tip #8: Use Sunscreen Every Day

Just because it’s winter does not mean you can put away your sunscreen. Applying SPF in the summer is as important during the winter months. According to dermatologists, damaging UV rays are present all year round, so it’s best to be vigilant about protecting your skin even when the sun is not shining its brightest.

Tip #9: Eat Foods Rich in Omega-3

Eat your way out of dry skin by incorporating fatty acids into your meals. For example, if you are low on fatty acids like omega-3, try to eat at least two servings of fatty fish like salmon. You can also go for omega-3 supplements and take them every day.

Eat Foods Rich in Omega-3

Other foods that provide omega-3s include:

  • Seafood (particularly cold-water fatty fish like mackerel, tuna, herring, and sardines)
  • Nuts and seeds (e.g. flaxseed, walnuts, and chia seeds)
  • Plant oils (e.g. flaxseed oil, canola oil, and soybean oil)
  • Fortified foods (e.g. eggs, yogurt, milk)

Tip #10: Consider Getting Professional Treatments

Top dermatologists suggest people come in for regular facials about every three to four weeks. You can choose to get a superficial peel or exfoliating treatment to get rid of dead skin cells and “allow better absorption of active topical skincare.” Getting professional treatments also maximizes your current skincare routine, giving you better results over time.

Add These Winter-Ready Skincare Products to Your Repertoire

It’s okay to go all out on high-end skincare products, especially if they are proven to be effective. Serums, face masks, creams, and at-home treatments are some of the things you can invest in. Here are our favorites:


Introducing Innovative Beauty’s answer to in-clinic beauty treatments, a DIY microneedle serum that painlessly injects anti-aging ingredients directly onto areas that need an extra rejuvenation. It comes with two pre-filled syringes that have 0.5mm microneedles.


Choose between two types of application: intra-epidermal and topical. The B-SELFIE DEEP | MICRONEEDLES ANTI-AGE SERUM actively regenerates the skin, improving its elasticity and strengthening its protective barriers. Formulated with an innovative formula that uses nanosome technology, this serum is designed to provide instant results and long-lasting effects.


This rich face cream proves that luxury doesn’t have to be expensive. Formulated with ultra-filler microcells and hyaluronic acid phytosomes, this product promises a tensing and densifying action. Additionally, the vegetable sugars act to strengthen the skin’s barrier and protect it from harsh environmental elements like smoke, pollution, bacteria, and more.


A gentle massage of MIRACLE | LUXURY FACE CREAM in the morning and evening is all you need for smooth and well-hydrated skin. The best part? You can also use this as a base for your makeup because of its lightweight formula.

Complement your serums and face creams with facial masks and skin-boosting shots to maximize your regimen.


Get radiant skin in an instant whatever the season with Innovative Beauty’s INFINITY | BEAUTY MASK. Thanks to its cutting-edge formulation, this face mask is all you need for the ultimate hydration when your skin feels dry and tight. It calms cracked and damaged skin, clears your pores, and detoxifies your skin.


Our beauty mask contains hyaluronic acid, omega 3–6, linoleic acid, EGF proteins, and other antioxidants that help build the skin’s barrier. Using it regularly promotes active cell regeneration and collagen production, so make sure to incorporate this luxurious face mask into your skincare routine ASAP!


Hydrate with Innovative Beauty’s SKIN SHOT | AGELESS DRINK, a unique supplement that contains hydrolyzed peptides, hyaluronic acid, and other highly effective antioxidants and vitamins. This ‘drinkable collagen’ is an effective anti-aging treatment that nourishes your skin from within.


The ingredients include:

  • Verisol: Composed of bioavailable, hydrolyzed collagen, which is very effective for the health of the skin
  • Hyaluronic Acid: It restores the correct balance of the epidermis and hydrates parched skin from within.
  • Ceramides: They make the skin more elastic and minimize the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Resveratrol: A potent antioxidant that provides an effective anti-aging action
  • Vitamin C: Helps protect the skin from oxidative stress and is essential in the creation of collagen and prevention of capillary lesions.
  • Vitamin E: It improves skin hydration and keeps its elasticity; also counteracts the effects of free radicals during exposure to ultraviolet rays.
  • Copper: Protects the skin from harsh pollutants and contributes to the maintenance of connective tissues and normal pigmentation of the skin.
  • Zinc: It helps in treating acne.
  • Biotin: A powerful ingredient that keeps the skin, hair, and nails healthy.

The combined action of its active ingredients counteracts the formation of wrinkles and sagging skin caused by aging, exposure to UV rays, pollution, and harsh weather conditions (winter winds).

Winter-Proof Your Skin Now

Don’t let your skin suffer when the seasons change, especially during the wintertime. Lower temperatures and less humidity lead to “water loss, resulting in dry and sometimes itchy skin,” explains Dr. Deanne Robinson, co-founder of Modern Dermatology in Connecticut.

The tips we listed above are some of the best advice you can take to slowly rebuild your winter skincare routine. Some require more effort than others, but all of them provide long-term positive effects on your skin. If you need to invest in a humidifier, now is a good time to go shopping. If you need to swap your wool sweaters for fleece jackets and cashmere coats, your new wardrobe awaits!

A few proactive steps and adjustments to your daily regimen can help alleviate some of your winter skin woes, so you’ll have fewer things to worry about and more time to enjoy this season to the fullest.