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The Eternity Bundle

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The Eternity Bundle caters to fulfilling your cosmetic dreams without the need for expensive and painful invasive procedures.

  • B-Selfie Angel | Micellar Water face Cleanser.
  • B-Selfie Eyes | Ultra Filler Effect Serum.
  • B-Selfie Lips | Ultra Filler Effect Serum.
  • Miracle | Luxury Face Cream.
  • 4 Eyezone Care Patches.
  • 4 Smile Line Care Patches.
  • 4 Smoker Line Remover Patches.
  • Three | Sensational Treatment.

Détails du Produit

Turn back time with The Eternity Bundle to permanently reverse signs of aging. These easy to use products serve quick results and long-lasting effects for secure satisfaction. From cleansing to deeper anti-aging treatments, this bundle is for all-around regular maintenance to keep your eyes bright, your skin rejuvenated, your lips plump, and keep signs of aging at bay. 

This Bundle Includes:

B-Selfie Angel |  Micellar Water face Cleanser: Delicate, effective, and healing for all skin types. The micellar water technology removes all traces of sweat, grime, oil, and waterproof makeup from the skin without stripping off natural nutrients. With just a swipe on a cotton pad, your skin is instantly balanced and cleansed.

B-Selfie Eyes | Ultra Filler Effect Serum: This lightweight product with active ingredients produces a botox-like effect to the skin, without pain nor needles. Affordable and simple to DIY, apply this formula day in and day out without anyone noticing.

B-Selfie Lips | Ultra Filler Effect Serum: For long-lasting plumpness, this naturally-hydrating and moisturizing lip serum does its magic. With a breakthrough formula of hyaluronic acid, vegetal konjac, bio-polymer, and ultra filler microcells, this lightweight plumper penetrates the epidermis easily and volumizes the lips without the need for invasive procedures.

Miracle | Luxury Face Cream: Inexpensive yet luxurious, the fast-absorbing Miracle face cream is an all-day moisturizer that may also act as your makeup base for daily use. Aside from its collagen-producing and illuminating benefits, it protects the skin from pollutants and stress.

4 Eyezone Care Patches: Eliminate eye bags and wrinkles forever. This rejuvenating under eye filler treats darkness, dullness, and creases from forming again without causing irritation. This 4-piece patch set is ideal for a month’s supply of once a week usage.

4 Smile Line Care Patches: In only 2 hours, your face is instantly rejuvenated as you fill in those nasolabial wrinkles. These patches contain hyaluronic acid and epidermal growth factor (EGF) with effects that last for up to 7 days minimum.

4 Smoker Line Remover Patches: “Smoker lines” appear on both smokers and non-smokers. They’re the skin’s natural way of aging. Thankfully,  these Selfie Beauty patches are composed of crystallized micro-needles of hyaluronic acid and EGF (Epidermal growth factor) that can be easily applied on the face and can take effect. For best results, use once a week.

Three | Sensational Treatment: With advanced biotechnological research, this facial treatment kit has been proven to regenerate cells with Vitamin E, moisturize the skin with Lecithin, and reverse visible signs of aging with epidermal growth factor (EGF).  Twice-a-week treatments are all you need for a long-lasting youthful complexion.

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