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Is B-SELFIE an aesthetic patch?

No, B-SELFIE is a do-it-yourself filler. It is applied as a normal aesthetic patch, but it differs from normal patches due to its microneedles of hyaluronic acid. Thanks to these ingredients, B-SELFIE can help the active ingredient penetrate the skin in depth, where a syringe is normally needed.

Is B-SELFIE a filler?

Yes, B-SELFIE is the first do-it-yourself filler without forcing you to use syringes. This is made possible through the composition B-Selfie microneedles.

What are the B-SELFIE microneedles?

B-SELFIE microneedles are small tips, 1/4 of the thickness of human hair, in which the active ingredient (pure hyaluronic acid and growth factor) is crystallized. The microneedle penetrates the superficial membranes of the skin, overcoming the stratum corneum, and dissolves deeply, releasing the active ingredient and all its magic.

What are the dimensions of the microneedles?

The microneedles are about 30 micrometres thick (1/4 of the thickness of human hair) and 350 micrometers long. The dimensions are designed to ensure penetration into the epidermis and the achievement of the deeper layers of the skin.

How long does it take for the microneedle to dissolve completely in the skin?

We recommend leaving B-SELFIE on the skin for two hours. The effect can be further reinforced by applying B-SELFIE overnight.

What are the B-SELFIE microneedles made of?

The microneedles are composed of 100% hyaluronic acid and EGF (growth factor of the epidermis).

What is the sticky part of B-SELFIE made of?

The adhesive part is composed of hydrocolloids, an innovative medical material. Hydrocolloids, generally used in the treatment of wounds or after laser therapy in dermatological or plastic clinics, have excellent ventilation properties and completely protect the area from the external environment. It prevents bacterial infections.

In what conditions is it better to use B-SELFIE to maximize its effectiveness?

Since the microneedles dissolve in water, it is important that you dry the application area completely. You can apply B-SELFIE even after using toners or essences. However, we recommend to apply it on the freshly cleaned and dried face.

Why should I press B-SELFIE with my fingers after applying it?

The active ingredients of B-SELFIE are crystallized in microneedles that penetrate the first layer of the skin. For this, you should help the penetration of the microneedles by repeatedly pressing the patches on your skin with your fingers after application. Warning: do not slide your fingers on B-SELFIE, as it risks to bend the microneedles sideways, voiding their effectiveness.

Is there a time of day when the application of B-SELFIE is more effective?

You can use B-SELFIE at any time of the day. Keep in mind that the microneedles are absorbed by the skin after at least two hours. This is why we recommend applying it at night. In addition, the hydrocolloids that make up the adhesive part protect the hydration of your skin, creating greater benefits if B-SELFIE is used throughout the night.

What is the optimal duration of application of B-SELFIE?

The ideal application time can depend on the type of skin of each individual. It is, however, advisable to apply B-SELFIE for at least two hours. It's the time necessary for a full absorption of the active ingredients in the skin.

What is the optimal frequency to apply B-SELFIE?

If you use B-SELFIE once, the effect lasts up to 7 days depending on your skin. If you are looking for a permanent effect, please have a look at our 1-month supply offers. To maintain the effect, our advice is to use B-SELFIE once a week for the first two months, then move on to a bi-monthly application.

Can I use other skin care products (essences, creams) after applying B-SELFIE?

Sure! B-SELFIE ensures localized care: you can freely use normal skin care products on other areas of the body after applying it.

Does B-SELFIE have an expiration date?

B-SELFIE has a period of two years, but we suggest you use it the day you open the package. The microneedles of hyaluronic acid can melt because of the air humidity, if the package is open.

Would B-SELFIE fall while I'm sleeping?

This is a very rare occurrence. Generally, B-SELFIE remains attached to your skin without problems during sleep.

Is it possible to buy B-SELFIE outside Europe?

Yes, we cover more than 150 countries.

What are the payment methods allowed?

We accept all major credit cards through Stripe, the most trusted and secured payment processor.

What types of shipping are expected?

The shipment of B-SELFIE takes place directly to your home by DHL Global Mail, with a fixed shipping fee of €6.90 for each order.

What are the delivery times?

Europe delivery generally takes within 5-7 working days. Outside Europe may take up to one more week.

Is it possible to track my order?

Unfortunately, DHL Global Mail doesn't provide a tracking number. However, they ensure fast delivery worldwide.